4 Packs Easy Release Mini Silicone Ice Tray

July 07, 2022

Still looking for ice mold to cool your drinks? How about using our ice tray to 

make a glass of ice cold water. 

When the weather is hot, there are few things more refreshing that quenching 

your thirst with a glass of ice cold water.

The ice cold water can also help stave off dehydration and may help reduce 

symptoms of heat exhaustion if you've been in hot weather for a prolonged period of time. 


You could add the fruit, mint, lemon or juice when freeze the ice cube, it could 

make your drink more fun. 

Mini Ice Cube Tray - This set of small ice cube trays create mini ice cubes that are 

the perfect size for sports bottles, blenders, cocktails, iced coffee or simply for 

chewing/sucking on a hot day. Each nugget ice tray creates small, round and square cubes. 

Must-Have Features - Our food-safe BPA free silicone ice trays are dishwasher safe, 

stackable, reusable, durable and break resistant. 

Space Saving - The stackable ice cube trays are designed with built-in stacking lugs 

to help you conserve space in your freezer. Ideal for RVs and dorms. An alternative 

to a nugget / pebble / bullet / crushed ice maker machine.

Easy-Release - Easy to fill with water from the faucet, and empty cubes from the trays -- 

they pop right out with one twist. Top tip: leave the cubes on your counter for a short 

period, then place over a large container to neatly release all the cubes at one time.

Create Fun Treats - These trays can be used for more than making ice cubes for your 

cold drinks. Use them to store frozen herbs, garlic cubes, mini coffee cubes or baby 

food puree. They are also ideal for making hard candy, chocolate bites, and homemade dog treats.

If you are interested in this ice cube tray, feel free to contact us to get more information.

We could also custom different design of ice tray based on your design.

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