BSCI & ISO 9001 Certified factory

  • 3 Hours From Your Idea To Products Design
    3 Hours From Your Idea To Products Design
    Professional designer provide one-to-one services,providing you with top original design,from the perspective of customer experience to create the overall space design, to maximize brand value.
  • 13 Years Molding Factory In House
    13 Years Molding Factory In House
    Main in Silicone & plastic,wheat straw, product, quicker in setting up the mold.
  • 10 Years Experienced Sales Team For Oversea Market
    10 Years Experienced Sales Team For Oversea Market
    English language skills, Industry expert, provide more effective suggestions for your project, and follow up from beginning to after-sales service.
  • Production In House
    Production In House
    From order to delivery, 7 to 15 working days, with internal inspection report.

OEM & ODM Mold Process

How is the product mold made?

​​​​​​​Mould Farm- CNC Process- Wire Cut process- EDM process- Assembly - Mould Inspection - Texturing .

  • Mold Farm
    Mold Farm
    Design the appearance of the mold, including the molding cavities and the position of the line on the product.
  • CNC Process
    CNC Process
    To set up the date according to the 3D drawing and it will work automatically.
  • Wire Cut Process
    Wire Cut Process
    To engrave the logo farm and make the air hole.
  • EDM Process
    EDM Process
    To precision structure on the product.
  • Assembly
    To assemble the mold core and other parts, and put mold insert to the mold frame.
  • Mould Inspection
    Mould Inspection
    To check surface of mold is smooth or not.
  • Texturing
    To Texture mold to make product into mirror or matte surface.


Contact us to process your project

  • Email With Your Idea
    Email With Your Idea
    Email address:
  • Confirm Detail
    Confirm Detail
    Product size, usage and requirement
  • Roughly Quote
    Roughly Quote
    Quoted roughly based on existing information
  • Sign NDA
    Sign NDA
    Not disclose any of your information
  • Design
    R&D department make drawing according to your requirements
  • Prototype
    Check appearance and construction
  • Confirm
    Confirmation of drawing design and initial quotation
  • Production
    Set up molding and make mass production
  • Shipping
    Ship out the goods to your address
  • After-Sales
    After-sales on current and following project


We have R&D department, professional sales team and advanced equipment work together to handle your project with ease.

  • CNC Machine For Molding
    CNC Machine For Molding
  • EDM Machine For Molding
    EDM Machine For Molding
  • Wire-Cut Machine For Molding
    Wire-Cut Machine For Molding
  • Silicone Product Pressing Mold
    Silicone Product Pressing Mold
  • Plastic Product Injection Mold
    Plastic Product Injection Mold
  • Rubber Refining Machine
    Rubber Refining Machine
  • Cutting Machine
    Cutting Machine
  • Oven


Assign each customers a team of experienced managers, engineers, designers, and craftsmen who will ensure that your solution is delivered on-time and on-budget.

  • 3D Render
    3D Render
    To see how the products looks like in real life before make any sample.
  • Sample Prototype
    Sample Prototype
    With Cooperated prototype factory to provide sample to check the structure.
  • Inspection
    Three times inspection from raw material inspection, Inspection during production (In-line inspection), Post-production inspection (Final inspection), to guarantee the product quality.
  • Cooperated Package Factory
    Cooperated Package Factory
    Provide poly bag, hanging card, color box, gift box, display box etc.
  • Purchase Product Accessories
    Purchase Product Accessories
    Established alliances with experienced kitchenware, housewares, and dinnerware suppliers.

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