Silicone Oreo Cookie Mold

November 02, 2023

An Oreo cookie mold is a tool used to create homemade Oreo cookies in a specific shape or design. It typically consists of two separate molds, one for the top cookie and one for the bottom cookie, that can be pressed together to create the iconic sandwich shape of an Oreo cookie.

The mold is usually made of food-grade silicone or plastic and is designed to replicate the details and texture of an Oreo cookie. It may feature the Oreo logo or other decorative elements to add authenticity to the homemade cookies.

Using an Oreo cookie mold allows you to make your own Oreo cookies at home, using your preferred ingredients and flavors. It gives you the freedom to experiment with different fillings, such as different types of cream or even alternative ingredients for a healthier version of the classic treat.

To use an Oreo cookie mold, you simply press the two molds together with your desired cookie dough or batter. Once the cookies are baked or chilled (depending on the recipe), you can easily remove them from the molds and assemble them with your preferred filling.

Overall, an Oreo cookie mold is a fun and convenient tool for Oreo lovers who enjoy baking and want to add a personal touch to their favorite cookies.

oreo mold

To use an Oreo cookie chocolate mold, follow these steps:

1.Start by preparing the mold. Clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap, and dry it completely.

2.Melt the chocolate or candy coating of your choice. You can do this by heating it in a microwave-safe bowl in short intervals, stirring in between until it is completely smooth and melted. Alternatively, you can melt it using a double boiler on the stove.

3.Pour a small amount of melted chocolate or candy coating into each cavity of the mold, making sure to fill it up to the top. Use a spoon or a small spatula to spread the chocolate evenly and remove any excess.

4.Take an Oreo cookie and press it gently onto the chocolate in each cavity, making sure it is fully submerged and covered with chocolate.

5.Pour more melted chocolate or candy coating on top of the cookie, filling the mold cavity completely. Use a spoon or spatula to smooth out the surface and remove any excess chocolate.

6.Place the silicone mold in the refrigerator or freezer to allow the chocolate to set. The amount of time required for setting will depend on the specific chocolate or candy coating used, so refer to the instructions on the packaging.

7.Once the chocolate has set and hardened, carefully remove the Oreo cookies from the mold. Gently flex the mold to release the cookies, or lightly tap it on a flat surface to help loosen them.

8.Enjoy your homemade Oreo cookies! You can serve them as is or decorate them further with additional melted chocolate, sprinkles, or other toppings.

Note: Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific Oreo cookie mold, as molds may vary in design and usage.

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The Oreo cookie mold could be used in different way.

1.Homemade Oreo cookies: With an Oreo cookie mold, you can make your own homemade Oreo cookies. This allows you to customize the flavor, filling, and size of the cookies according to your preference.

2.Special occasions: Oreo cookie molds can be used to create themed or customized Oreo cookies for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or parties. This adds a personal touch and can be a fun activity for kids or adults.

3.Gifts or favors: Oreo cookie molds can be used to create personalized gifts or party favors. You can make Oreo cookies with initials, names, or special designs to give to loved ones, friends, or guests at events.

4.Baking experiments: If you enjoy experimenting with baking, an Oreo cookie mold can be a useful tool. You can try different cookie flavors, fillings, or decorations to create unique and delicious treats.

5.Nostalgia: Some people may use Oreo cookie molds to recreate the classic Oreo cookie shape and experience the nostalgia of eating a homemade version of a beloved snack.

Overall, an Oreo cookie mold can be a handy tool for those who enjoy baking, want to personalize their treats, or simply want to have fun creating their own Oreo cookies.

silicone mold

 Chocolate Covered Oreo Mold is made of high-quality food grade silicone which is BPA Free, Flexible and Non-Stick. Soft silicone mold, quickly demoulding without waiting, works amazing that come out beautifully & evenly. Round cavities diameter is 2.25 inch with a height of 1 inch. For regular cookies, Yongli mold is big enough to completely chocolate cover the sides of cookies, cover the cookie you want.

There are more types of silicone mold in our website by click here, if you are interested in custom your own silicone mold, please feel free to contact us to follow up your project.

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