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May 19, 2023

Nowadays, silicone kitchenware are useful in today's kitchen, include Deep Soup, Serving Spoon, Slotted Turner, Pasta Server, Flexible Basting Brush, Whisk, Tongs, Turner, Skimmer, Silicone Spatula, glove, trivet, mat, mold etc. These item could help you out in baking, cooking, grilling. 

silicone kitchenware

Here are some benefits of silicone kitchenware:

· Non-stick and versatile

· Safe for oven, microwave, and dishwasher

· Heat resistant and durable

· Easy to clean

· Variety of colors and styles

Silicone kitchenware is popular because of its simplicity and ease of use. For example, silicone kitchenware are easy to clean – rinse them under the faucet and shake them dry. Silicone kitchenware is also durable, heat-resistant, and non-stick. It can resist chemical leaching and be used in high-temperature cooking without fear of breaking. Silicone is also extremely durable and heat resistant. It can be used in ovens, microwaves, freezers, dishwashers, and sterilizers. In general, silicone bakeware is heat-resistant, freezer safe, and oven safe, but only up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit or 220 Celsius. It shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher, however, and as it doesn’t biodegrade and cannot currently be recycled, it’s not exactly eco-friendly.

Silicone kitchenwares have several advantages. They are heat resistant and can withstand up to 250ºC without melting. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Silicone kitchen utensils won’t break, scratch, shatter and they will probably last forever. They are also eco-friendly products that are smooth to the touch, making them easier on your skin when washing dishes or cooking food. In addition, silicone is a better choice because it does not contain harmful chemicals that could wind up on your plate. 

Silicone products have many advantages over other materials. Some of them are:

· Resistance to heat and cold: Silicone can withstand temperatures from -65° to 400° degrees Celsius, making it suitable for various applications that require thermal stability.

· Higher longevity in hostile environment: Silicone is resistant to weathering, oxidation, chemicals, and fungus, making it durable and reliable in different conditions.

· High purity: Silicone is exceptionally pure and does not contain harmful substances or allergens, making it safe and biocompatible for medical and personal care products.

· Good flame retardancy: Silicone does not support combustion and can self-extinguish, making it a fire-safe material for electrical and industrial applications

· Highly versatile: Silicone can be engineered to have different forms, properties, and functions, making it adaptable for various needs and innovations.

If you are looking for a manufacturer for silicone kitchenware and housewares. Yongli is a manufacturer for silicone and plastic products, we are mainly in kitchen & dinning industrial, there are silicone utensil, mat, gloves, molds, folding items, etc. We have R & D department and to creat new concept of products into real life, and 3 engineers provide their decades experience in helping you out.

For more items, feel free to check in our website by click here, and if you are planning to make a new items, contact us to get more support.

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