How to set up a new mold ?

November 03, 2022

If you are looking for a supplier to custom plastic lunch box, plastic food container, or 

wheat straw container, you could check below as mold set up steps.


There are 7 steps to custom a new mold.

First step we will get the mold farm ready and put it to the next step - CNC machine. 

We will set up the date according to the 3D drawing and it will work automatically. 

This process will take 4-5 days.

Then after CNC finish, we will move to the wire cut steps.

Wire cut is a process to engrave the logo farm and make the airhole, sometimes the 

product will easy to get air bauble during the mass production. So we will add a air hole to the mold.


Next step is EDM, go with me, you can see there 7 EDM machine , this process is to 

precision structure on the product, it’s too small to make, so we will EDM machine 

to make it. So we will put the copper electrode insider the machine, then to set up the 

date here, and it will engrave the construction automatically. It takes 3-4 days to finish this process.


After EDM process, the mold will be send to assembly.

Look this is our mold core, you can see there are a lot of whole, this part is finished by 

the Wire cut machine. The smallest line is made by the EDM machine. This is a mold toy accessories.


This is our mould farm, and this mold core, you can see the core with the shape of 

product, the mold will put insert to the mold frame. And there is the injection pin, 

made by the drilling over there.


The drilling is for making the ejector pin, or some Fine pattern.


Our mold is made of NAK80, its higher standard steel material, which can make higher 

precisio product, the molding time can ready to 500,0000pcs. It is almost double than others.


After the mold assembly, we will do the mould inspection, our master will check mold 

in person, for example, they will check if the surface of mold is smooth or not, or if the 

assembly is correctly. Some mould will be taken to polish after assembly.


Normally, there are two times mold inspection during the mold making, after assembly, 

and before mass production.


Next step, if the mould is all ready, we will do the texturing if any need.

You can see this product is mirror surface, we can also do different texturing according

to client requirement, like mat surface.


So this is our mold 7 steps.


Mould Farm- CNC Process- Wire Cut process- EDM process- Assembly - Mould Inspection - Texturing .


We could custom mold for plastic products and silicone products, the products are food grade 

material or could pass EU standard. We have molding factory in house, which could arrange 

your mold set up any time, and we also have R & D department to handle the design.  Most 

details about how to get a custom product we will talk about next time. And you could check more by click here.

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