What is food-grade silicone? and Is Silicone Recyclable?

November 22, 2021

What is food-grade silicone?

Food grade silicone is a plastic alternative that is void of filler, toxic chemicals, and harmful byproducts. 

This novel material is manufactured without lead, BPA, latex, or phthalates. 

It’s non-toxic as well as odorless, which helps keep you and your family safe.


What Are The Best Uses For Silicone?

You can use silicone products for various tasks.

It’s safe for silicone to come into contact with food, such as in the case of silicone lunch boxes.

When you need to purchase a product that’s tough and durable, you should opt for silicone.

Examples include bags for storage and spatulas that can start to crack when made of weaker materials.

Silicone can withstand pretty high and low temperatures and is resistant to tears.

This means that it’s much more suitable as part of a zero-waste lifestyle because you won’t have to replace products made from it as quickly as, say, products that are made out of plastic.


Is silicone safe to cook with? 

This type of silicone is extremely durable and performs well in a variety of kitchen conditions. 

For example, food-grade silicone is incredibly resistant to damage from extremely hot and cold temperatures. 

So, you can freeze it, cook it, microwave it, and even wash it in the dishwasher.

As you can see, silicone is a highly versatile material that is built to last. 

It will not break down over time, even if you fold and bend the products. 

Food-grade silicone resists drying out, crumbling, and cracking with use, so you can use each bag for a very long time.


Is Silicone Recyclable?

Silicone is fully recyclable, try to search online for “silicone recycling facilities” to reduce the amount of trash dumped in the landfills, they will recycle your old silicone products.

How does the silicone products produce?

We will custom silicone products based on your ideas. After we turn the idea into 3D design, the mold will be set up for production. 


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