Wholesale Extra Thickness Silicone Pastry Mat

June 09, 2023

When you prepare the dough, do you have any treat to avoid the sticky dough on the table or bowl? If no, you could try our silicone pastry mat, it is easy to use and clean.

【Premium Quality Material】

This pastry is made with premium quality nano silicone for the safety and health of the entire family. The mat provides a large non-stick working area for the home bakery for cookies, bread, pizza, pie crust and other rolling dough with an extra large dimensions of 31.7" x  23.8"

[Durable and Thick Build] 

The thickness of the main working surface of the baking mat is  for durability and a rim around the edges with a thickness creates a anti-flow bank around the mat to prevent the spoiling of baking materials to maintain the kitchen hygiene. With the non-stick surface, the pastry mat is easy to clean by both hand washing with soap water and also the dishwasher. It can work in a wide temperature range from hot water to freezer temperatures.

[Convenient Storage] 

With the soft silicone material, the pasty mat can be easily rolled up or folded to keep in storage. A dedicated corner hanging holes are designed for temporary storage and drying. With the extra thick silicone, the baking mat resumes its flatness without folding marks after long-term storage.

[Anti-Slip bottom and Non-stick top] 

Anti-slip tight surface contact design on the bottom of the pastry mat for a firm mount to the counter-top with no movement during kneading the dough. The top surface of the mat with the engraved scales is non-sticky to ensure easy and clean processing with the rolling dough and also easy to clean and rinse under tap water.

A silicone pastry mat provides a non-stick surface that helps to roll and cut dough, pastry, and other baked goods efficiently. It is also easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and reusable. The silicone material is heat-resistant and durable, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. Additionally, the markings on the mat help ensure even portions and sizing of dough and pastry for precise baking.

We are available to custom the silicone mat with any printing, or shapes you need. Contact us if you have any idea in your mind.

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